Grand Officers

Elected Grand Officers
(2014 – 2015)

Most Ill. GTIM Jeffery Cutty Doyle I
Rt. Ill. GDTIM Theodore Hammonds Jr.

Rt. Ill. GPCOW Reginald Hardee 
Rt. Ill. Grand Treasurer Lynwood Loper
Rt. Ill. Grand Recorder George Foster

Appointed Grand Officers

 (2014 – 2015)

Rt. Ill. Grand Chaplain
Rev. Ernest Powell

Rt. Ill. Grand Assistant Chaplain
Min. Courtney Clanton

Rt. Ill. Grand Assistant Chaplain

Rt. Ill. Grand Captain of the Guard
Peter J. Bruton

Rt. Ill. Grand Conductor of the Council
Reginald Fields

Rt. Ill. Grand Steward
Frank Barnes

Rt. Ill. Grand Marshall
Clarance Gyden

Rt. Ill. Grand Sentinel
Howard Maddox

Rt. Ill. Grand Instructor
Robert Blalock

Rt. Ill. Grand CCFC
Willie L Wilson Jr.
Willie E. Bowman, KYCH
Grand Lecturer

Rt. Ill. Royal Grand Chief Advisor
Michael E. Scott

Rt. Ill. Royal Grand 1st Associate Advisor Timothy Chestnut

Rt. Ill. Royal Grand 2nd Associate Advisor Talmedge Robinson

 District Deputies
 (2014 – 2015)

Valentino McBride - North East Florida (Jacksonville)

Jerome Harris - West Florida (Tallahassee, Panama City)

Gus Rich - North West Florida (Crestview, Pensacola)

Terry Lamy - West Central Florida (Bradenton, Plant City, Tampa)

Byron Willis - East Central Florida (Melbourne, Orlando)

Jeremiah Mackey – South Central
( Ft Pierce)

Michael Eason - South East Florida (Palm City)

MacArthur Gordon – South Florida (Miami) Miami

Flemon Lewis
US Virgin Islands